Omega speaker cabinet


A loudspeaker's cabinet is the heart of the speaker system. This becomes even more important in single driver speakers, where proper cabinet design is critical to achieving a natural, uncluttered and balanced sound.

Since my speakers use absolutely no passive electronic components, I rely 100% on mechanical means to ensure the finest musical reproduction possible. And if not properly constructed, cabinet resonances degrade the all-critical midrange performance.

Where manufacturers often rely on outside suppliers for key components, sometimes even cabinet designs and or cabinet manufacturing. My cabinet design algorithms and construction techniques are unique and proprietary.

All Omega speakers feature:

  1. Proprietary alignments (cabinet tuning) and cabinet design, so all Omega speakers are unique.
  2. Triple-layer cabinet construction, plus a finish veneering, which itself is another layer. This wood sandwich virtually eliminates sound degrading cabinet resonances.
  3. All three layers are cold pressed using PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) adhesive.
  4. Most cabinets incorporate ladder bracing for added rigidity.
  5. Only softwood MDF is used for the core. It's more expensive, but sounds far superior to hardwood MDF.
  6. Damping is accomplished using heavy duty rebond foam.
  7. Precision Flared Ports on most models.
  8. Speaker grills are magnetized and included with all speakers except deepOmega. These grills are simple to take off for critical listening sessions. And leave no visible holes or fasteners on front baffles, once removed.
  9. All aspects of cabinet design and manufacturing are personally done by me. Cabinet finishes are the finest available. Veneering is cold pressed using PVA throughout. Veneering is post formed using traditional clamps and cauls.
  10. Absolutely no Contact Cement is used. Contact Cement is an adhesive that can result in glue failure over time, and has a soft glue line. PVA will not delaminate and with its hard glue line will also wrap the cabinet tight, much better than any clear coat or paint.
  11. All cabinets have 2 PVA glue lines.
  12. Cabinets are post formed (veneered after the cabinet is built), so all edges are hand chamfered, filed and faceted.
  13. All cabinets are veneered and finished on all sides, including the back.
  14. Omega stereo speakers are backed by a 10-year parts and labor guarantee. deepOmega subs are backed by a 5-year parts and labor guarantee on cabinet and driver. 1 Year parts and labour on the plate amp.
  15. Many available finishes from high end laminates to high end North American and Exotic thick veneers.
  16. Omega is a "green" company using only hand applied finishes. Spray equipment is only used for the grill frames.


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