Omega Speaker Systems has an illustrious single driver history spanning almost a decade and a half. By reading the reviews three main things will become apparent:

  1. Constancy and dedication to a design goal (single driver speakers) and constant improvements which in most cases exclude obsolescence and include upgradability.
  2. Live vs HiFi sound, incredible imaging, electrostatic speed, beautiful & way underpriced build quality.
  3. Made by hand in house in the U.S.A.

Many of these reviews are on discontinued products which were terrific. The current product line is superior in every way except build quality - that has never changed.

deepOMEGA 8

Super 3T

Super 3 Desktop!bwQaLJ

Super 3 Desktop

Alnico XRS

Hoyt Bedford Type 1 (original with larger whizzer)

Super 3XRS (Fostex)

Super 3XRS (Fostex)

Super 3XRS (Fostex)

Super 3XRS (Fostex)

Super 3XRS (Fostex)

Super 3XRS (Hemp)

Super 3 Monitor (original)



Various Omega




Super 8 Alnico XRS

Hoyt Bedford Type 2 (original with larger whizzer)


Just wanted to say thanks for the Desktop 3’s. They arrived safely last week and I’ve finally gotten them broken in. I have to tell you that they worried me for a few days. They were crazy bright in a narrow range and I was really wondering how much the break in would mellow them out as I didn’t remember my 3XRS’s being as bad when I’d first gotten them, but the desktops definitely slowly mellowed out over the first 25 hours and they are sounding pretty darn good now with all the strengths of that RS5 driver shining through.  Whew!

 As I’d mentioned on the phone, last year, I’d started up a second system using all the extra audio gear I had lying around. At first I was using some Kef LS50’s and Harbeth P3ESR’s, but I found it increasingly hard to listen to them after hearing the 3XRS’s in my other room. All of the sudden, the drawbacks to multi way speakers were just screaming at me and I couldn’t enjoy them like I used to be able to. At that point I decided I was going to get some small single drivers and while I initially thought of getting some Omegas, I figured it’d be fun to try some of the other alternatives to get a feel for what some of the other designers were doing.

 I’ve been through some Fostex FF105wk’s in a BR design, the little Blumenstein Orcas (Have you heard them? They are unique in some good and bad ways) and a Fonken Planet 10Hi Fi design with the Markaudio EL70 drivers. All have their strengths and weaknesses but none of them really came close to matching the Super 3XRS’s and I didn’t expect them to if for no other reason than the differences in cabinet sizes.

 Anyway, after breaking in, this 3 desktop really is shining compared to all those other speakers.   I’d say I should have bought the Omegas first and saved myself the money, but I think it’s fun to hear the different strengths and limitations of other designs and at the end of the day, it will let me appreciate the little 3’s (and especially the RS5 driver) even more. Thanks Louis.
Pete, Super 3 Desktop & Super 3XRS

The Type 1 is just amazing! Louis, you are very good at what you do! The Hoyts are a keeper for sure. My life speaker.

milford3, Hoyt Bedford Type One

The best compliment I suppose is to say that now it is just about the music. And being impressed. Very impressed.
raysracing, RS5 driver in original super 3 cabinet

This is a higher order of magnitude of sound quality. Clearest azur skies...Deepest blue-black seas...I need sleep, but I can't tear myself away...I had to get up and put my hand on the sub just to prove to myself it was off! These are stunning speakers. Thanks, Louis, these are lifetime keepers. I don't think I could be happier!
Moot, Super 6 Alnico Monitors

A couple of years ago, I recently got back into Audio after a 20 year sabbatical.  I've got a small room and had been experimenting with various small speakers; most recently Silverline Minuet's, Harbeth P3's and the Kef LS50.  However, the high efficiency/low powered amp approach had intrigued me ever since I started reading about it after getting back into the hobby.  I'm a big proponent of keeping things as simple as possible.

Luckily, I had a dealer (Ear Head Audio) near enough to me where I could actually hear products created with this approach in mind.  After a couple of visits, I jumped in nervously and placed an order for a Decware Mini-Torii amp and the Omega Super 3XRS's.

I couldn't be more pleased and if you had told me years ago that I'd be enjoying music so much with a single driver speaker and 4 watts I'd have thought you were crazy.  I'm getting musicality, speed, soundstaging, imaging and transparency that my other system/speakers never could approach and have been enjoying my music now more than ever.  Louis, I don't know how you do it, but I have to say, the sound I get out of these 3XRS's has me smiling and shaking my head in amazement.
seikosha, Super 3XRS

I like these speakers SOOOOO much. I listen to about 50% jazz and 50% rock/electronic/indie music and they sound phenomenal. I am really bad about using all of the audiophile descriptive words but they have a seductive midrange and a very accurate sound stage.
OmahawkSCM, Super 3T

I received my new Super 3T's almost two weeks ago. My first impressions can be summed up very! Vocals have an in the room presence, classic rock has oomph. Cabinets are pretty as all out.
rar1, Super 3T

I had a 5w/ch EL84 SET amp that I demoed at the Vancouver VSAC, driving a pair of Super 5's in a large ballroom. The 5 watt amp provided enough grunt to fill the room with lovely sound.
Hank, Super 5 (hemp)

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