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This allows them to act as a perfect point source, completely phase and time coherent. As a result, speaker enclosures virtually disappear, leaving nothing but you and your music, pure and uncluttered. But of course there is a bit more to it than just throwing a single driver into a box.

My proprietary drivers are specifically engineered and constructed to deliver a balanced, full range musical signal. The quality of drivers used in Omega's speakers is virtually unparalleled at their price points.

A high efficiency design (minimum 93db sensitivity) allows all models to work equally well with high or low-powered amps, tube and solid state. With low sensitivity speakers you must ensure that you have enough power on tap to properly drive the them. With Omega speakers, you can direct your amp budget at sound quality rather than just quantity and stop chasing raw power. Omega speakers are very SET friendly. High sensitivity also results in better macro dynamics, which means that Omega speakers sound exceptional at low or high volume listening levels, allowing detail, immediacy, and dynamics to shine through.

Triple layer cabinet construction, plus a fourth finish layer of veneer or laminate, minimize cabinet resonances that degrade sonic performance allowing for a full and clean sound to come through. In-house cabinet manufacturing reduces overhead so you get more speaker for your money. It also allows for control over every aspect of the manufacturing and construction process.

Finally, furniture grade veneer and laminate finishes are applied after the speaker cabinet is built post formed. All edges are hand chamfered, filed, and faceted. All cabinets are veneered and finished on all sides, including the back.

Done "The Omega Way" I promise you my single driver loudspeakers deliver a level of build quality and sonic performance well beyond their price points.

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