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OUTLAW SUPER 3XRS in real Walnut
  • OUTLAW SUPER 3XRS in real Walnut
  • Outlaw Super 3XRS
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The standard Super 3XRS has for years been a giant killer. Now with an active 8"sub in the cabinet the giant killer status has just jumped a quantum leap. It packs a wallop! They are in a partitioned Super 3XRS cabinet that is sealed with no bass port (it's not needed) and the cabinet is only one inch deeper than the standard Super 3XRS, so compact still rules.


Outlaw Super 3XRS Specifications

Cabinet: Sealed and partitions
Sensitivity: 94.5 dB at 8 ohms
Impedance: 8 ohms
Driver: Proprietary RS5/deepOmega8 ferrite magnet
Frequency Response: 28-20kHz
Dimensions: 27"H x 11"W x 8.5"D
Weight: 55 lbs. each
Power Requirements: as little as 2 watts
Crossover: None
Finish: Level 2 Walnut

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